LUZIO was founded by interior designers Maria Jose Gomez and Maxi Zigart in 2006 in Barcelona with the mission to elevate home décor with timeless, high-end pieces incorporating a sustainable interior design approach.

Together Gomez and Zigart have created a brand where some of the world’s finest luxury hotels and restaurants, retail projects along with private residents have trusted in their savoir-faire for design.  Clients include luxury hotel chains such as the Majestic Group, Hesperia, Unic Hotels and Jumeirah with projects spanning the globe from Paris, London, Barcelona, Moscow and here in the U.S. Miami, New York, Washington D.C. and Charlotte.

In addition to their design studio, stores and restaurants in Barcelona, LUZIO offers a collection of home décor items of all kinds to give a special touch to every corner of your home. Designed in Barcelona, LUZIO products are manufactured one by one by expert craftsmen in the most environmentally way possible.

The LUZIO collection of exclusive objects and accessories designed with LUZIO’s passion for unique style will delight the senses to help create incredible interior spaces.